Welcome to Louth Scooterists Website...

Based in the market town of Louth in Lincolnshire we are a group of like-minded scooter enthusiasts who love to build restore and ride that icon of the sixties, the scooter.

Our colleagues own a wide variety of Lambretta and Vespa scooters, but we all have two things in common;  we love our scooters - and we love to ride them.

Some of our group ride out locally, others have been as far afield as southern Ireland and mainland Europe to events.

We are lucky that a number of major rallies are quite 'local' to us so its easy for us to attend the big events in Skegness, Cleethorpes and Bridlington each year as well as riding further to the isle of Wight and beyond.

Next Event..............

Check out all the dates we know of so far on the 2014 events page. We keep changing and updating this as we hear about more stuff, so bookmark the page.

Who's planning what for 2014...

I am guessing the next thing up for many will be Bridlington on 24-26th October. We hear that Woofa, Rob Fox, and Rob Stewart are gioing to that. Colin, Bob and Andy may be heading up for the day. Let Colin know what you are planning.

  After that 0n 14-16 November is Mablethorpe End of Season Rally. Colin and Bob are going and staying the weekend that we know of so far.

let us know your plans - email or text Colin or Robbie Stewart, and if you are interested in joining in with any of the above, or have your own ideas and want some company, then let Colin or Robbie know and we will keep everyone informed!

Who's planning what for 2015 then...

It may be a bit presumptuous, but there are plans for Louth Scooterists to go to The isle of Wight  in August 2015. Why bothering now? Well, if we don't find somewhere suitable to tale everyone soon, the place gets booked up!

So far, Andy, Bob Woofa, Colin, Rob Fox, Zoe and Gary Drewery, Del Boy are going, and Rob Stewart and Julie may well be joining us too. Sounds like a plan then with 11 people?


There are trips to Normandy and to Holland being worked on now ready for next year, which some Louth Scooterists may well be taking part in, and we hear Bob is riding to Scooterist meltdown in Kalkaar in Germany in February 2015. Sounds like a fair bit of foreign riding being planned then.

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